for ben ali

if i was best by
november 23rd 2015
would you drink me?

i hope so, i probably was

and i want to be drunk besides

grapefruit tastes like
shit anyway dying
of botulism would be a hell
of a trip

imagine someone saying
“my best friend moved to
Michigan, drank a two year old
grapefruit cup and died
like Socrates”

and the fame! i could
blame it all on Donald Trump in a deathbed note
and win immortality:
it would be like Tunisia 2011
all over again, probably.

(grapefruit tastes like shit
but also kind of okay:

we’re not so different)

even now i can’t
imagine a more genuinely
patriotic act

than drinking that grapefruit juice

(i threw it away like a coward
after googling “fruit cup past expiration”—
took the worst possible course; it must
be obvious by now

that it was fine).

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