mahoning county

they’re lying that tell you
it feels bad
to hate

it’s the best kind of being right

make up some bullshit
about it being a disease—

it’s the finest kind of principle
it stands on solid ground
welcomes the accusations and
smiling shows you to a thousand books

a thousand proofs of concept
philosophy and law

they say hate is inarticulate—
a very great lie

that leaves you unprepared
for its timely words

the world demands hate—
it can fill your cup
a billion times
with the bitter enormity
of everything

despair on despair
misery on broken life
and it will never


then again
if we did everything
the world seemed to demand
we’d be long dead—

what an awful life anyway
to do everything right
in a perfect logic—

the rules are hardly there
to help you win

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