prestwich street, cape town

cape town is too fine:
you can walk around here, you
know, and be safe.

really, none of us
should be safe here: i try not
to think about that,

the tavern of the
seas founded on the bright blood
of peaceful people.

none of us are safe
from history, but if we
don’t at least get mugged

is that fair? on the
other hand, why should the sun
not shine on bad men?

it would be too much
to ask table mountain to
fall into the sea

because of jan van
riebeeck or anyone else:
he was not so strong.

nature cannot be
an allegory in this place
except selfishly;

a cold comfort to
know that even if mandela
had died bitterly

off the harbor, the
cape would still be prettier
than anyone


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